#IWE Imperial Wrestling Entertainment: BattleZone Quarantine! 5/11/21 #indiewrestling #indywrestling

Live from the Artesia Center in Houghton Lake Michigan (broadcasting in HD!)! Once again, the warriors of IWE clashed in front of NOBODY! In this episode, you will see…

Comments from Craig Stossell!

A backstage confrontation between Chris Payne and Victor Cross, leading to a match!

“Dire Wolf” Corey Kerr vs Rocky Shocker!

One half of the IWE Tag Team Champions Nick Baker vs “Cannonball” Alex Steele, with a confrontation afterward that is too shocking for a description!

Plus all of the action, excitement, and drama you’ve come to expect from Imperial Wrestling Entertainment! Hosted by Aksel Geer and Hip Hop recording artist Scrappy!

This show is dedicated to the memory of “Pure Fury” Jeff Clouse, Jason “Dudley Dawson” Lock and Ethan Wudyka.

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#IWE #Imperial Wrestling Entertainment #BattleZoneTV #indiewrestling #indywrestling

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