#IWE BattleZone TV Special Event: Summer Night, Summer Fight 2022! #indiewrestling #indywrestling

Live from the Artesia Youth Park in Houghton Lake, MII!
Once again, the warriors of IWE clashed in front of a live audience! In this episode, you will see…

A special announcement by Roberto Cruz!

Rocky Shocker vs Nick Baker!

“Creature Feature” John Campbell vs Derric Crow in a “Brass Knuckles Birthday Bash Match!”

“The Natural Born Killer” Trevor Straud defends the IWE Gladiator Championship against “Captain” Tony Garrix!

Stuntman Mike and Cody Leedy vs Hannah Henderson and “Emulator” Draven O’Seans!

The Mighty Bojack vs B.B. Victor Cross!

Backwoods Bam, “Dire Wolf” Corey Kerr, and Big Bufford vs Bill Blackwell, “Evil Daddy” Jacob Brawn, and “Old School” Ric Caurdiea!

Stay tuned to the very end for a special rundown of our next event on August 13th!

Plus all of the action, excitement, and drama you’ve come to expect from Imperial Wrestling Entertainment! Hosted by Aksel Geer, Scrappy, and Joe Walker!

This show is dedicated to the memory of “Pure Fury” Jeff Clouse, Jason “Dudley Dawson” Lock, Jacob Ford, Ronnie “Popeye” Jaggers and Ethan Wudyka.

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